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Quality Foam Insulators LLC in Houma applies our high quality spray foam insulation products to various areas of your home.



roof insulation foam

Warm air rises and without adequate insulation in your attic, heated air can escape through your roof, wasting energy and creating higher heating bills. Quality Foam Insulators places insulation in attics to keep in the air your furnace works hard to heat. Your house will feel warmer even in the coldest months. With the roof line insulated, your attic will become a non-vented attic which stops the cold air from getting into your attic, and the warm air from leaving, plus creating the roof line to be stronger than before with the closed cell foam.


specialist foam spray attic

With the roof line insulated, your attic becomes a conditioned air space. Your cold air will infiltrate into the attic space and have no where to escape, thus making your attic much cooler than a regular attic. Your A/C system will not have to work as hard either. When your ducts are in a hot attic, the ducts are filled with hot air. When this happens, the A/C system is blowing the hot air into your living area while trying to cool the air that is in the hot ducts. When your roof line is insulated, the ducts will not be surrounded by the scorching heat.

The ducts will deliver cool air to your living space much sooner and with less effort from your A/C unit.Not only will this "top of the line" insulation insulate your home, but it will add a great amount of structural strength to your home, and help prevent critters from entering into your home as well.Quality Foam Insulators LLC can also insulate your ceilings instead of your roof line.

Under Floor

exterior building floor foam insulation

Many people don’t realize how important insulation under the floor is. Not only does it make your floor surface warmer; it also retains more heat so your furnace runs less. We install foam under your floor for new construction and existing homes. This type of insulation also keeps your home cooler in the summer so you can set your thermostat at a higher temperature and feel more comfortable. While this insulation is keeping your floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer it is also acting as a sound barrier and helping control pests from entering into your home, keeps your floors dry and prevents them from buckling. The foam we use is an air barrier, vapor barrier and a moisture barrier which is needed for most floors.


insulation foam walls building

Quality Foam Insulators, LLC also sprays foam insulation in your walls as a primary insulation. We can install these products in existing homes that are being refurbished and homes in the midst of construction. This insulation keeps your energy bill low, helps as a sound barrier and will add great structural strength to your home. When we are finished, your walls will be ready for sheeting. The overspray on studs will be removed and floors will be swept clean.

Metal Buildings

metal building foam insulation

Metal buildings are a popular choice for barns, sheds, garages, and large buildings for commercial use. Our spray foam insulation experts have products designed especially for metal buildings to keep cool and warm air in and lower energy costs, along with absorbing sound for noise reduction while adding structural strength.

Ice Holes on Boats

trawl boat

Ice holes on boats are needed for keeping your seafood as fresh as the day it was caught. We add new and replacement insulation in trawl boat, fishing boats, coolers on work boats, etc.

Coolers & Freezers

Quality Foam Insulators LLC can insulate any walk in freezer or cooler of your own design, and can also repair existing walk in freezers or coolers that may need more adequate insulation or sealing.